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31. March 2023


  • width 110-540mm
  • bottom 60-220mm
  • high 220-650mm

  • twisted
  • flat

  • white kraft 70-120g/m2
  • brown kraft 70-120g/m2
  • recycled 70-120g/m2

  • 1 – 8 colour

  • box
  • packet

If paper bag, only from us

We produce wide range of products for our customers. If you buy our products you support good forest managment and you protect world forests.

Najvyššie štandardy
Najvyššie štandardy

The highest standards

Modern trends, new technologies and quality products are very connected and they together represent success for your business. Give your customers the best quality. Our longterm know-how allows us to grow and offer you products with high value.

Stovky možností
Stovky možností

Many possibilities

Our paper bags are ecologic, aestetic and help us to make the first impression of your brand. We offer flexo print with 1-8 colours on super modern machine with high accuracy of colour matching.

Investujte do udržateľnosti
Investujte do udržateľnosti

Invest to sustainability

Nowadays, changing plastic bags into paper bags is very appreciated in a positive way. It is a very good step for your brand. Your customers welcome every positive change and you could change their thinking. Start with us, start from yourself and let´s protect the environment together.