Public commitment to comply with basic work requirements

1. March 2002

The company Harmanec-Kuvert, spol. GmbH undertakes to comply with basic work requirements.

Child labor :
a. Workers under the age of 15 are not employed
b. No person under the age of 18 is employed in hazardous or difficult work, except for training under approved national laws and regulations.
c. The worst forms of child labor are prohibited.

Forced labor
a. Employment relationships are voluntary and based on mutual consent, without threat of sanction
b. There is no evidence of any practices indicative of forced or compulsory labour, including but not limited to the following:
• physical and sexual violence
• debt slavery
• withholding of wages/including payment of employee fees and/or payment of an advance upon starting employment
• limitation of mobility/movement
• retention of passports and identity documents
• threatening to report to the authorities.

Discrimination in employment and at work
a. Employment and work procedures are non-discriminatory.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
a. Workers can establish a workers’ organization or join one based on their own choice
b. The complete freedom of workers’ organizations to create their own statutes and rules is recognized.
c. Workers are recognized as having the right to engage in legal activities associated with founding or joining a workers’ organization, or the right to refrain from the aforementioned and
does not discriminate or punish workers for exercising these rights
d. The company undertakes to negotiate with legally established workers’ organizations and/or duly selected representatives in good faith and with maximum efforts to reach an agreement on collective
e. Collective agreements apply where they exist.