Graphical preparation

Requirements of our customers are processed in our graphical studio and prepared for printing. Of course, the software equipment of our studio is regulary updated and upgraded. Our graphic artists make themselves familiarised permanently with news on the market with IT-technologies and polygraphic industry to be able render really superior services for you and give advice at chosing a suitable method of printing and its processing.

Printing on envelopes

Do you want bring your message up to its addressee? Let have produced your envelope with advertisement!

By a smart made envelope you wake up the interest in the addressee already at opening it!

Did you know that 1.000 DL envelopes offer you a total area of 50 m2 for advertising. A large wall with a poster has only 18 m2...

Utilise your area for advertising!

Printing on ready made products guarantees very short delivery terms also with small amounts in two or four colours.

We are able to provide a basic training of printing on envelopes for our customers based on mutual agreement.

Flexo - print

Flexo-print is the most suitable method of printing. At flexo-print, envelopes are printed already when the paper passes througn the envelope production process. Of course, flexo-print repays for amounts starting from 100 000 pieces of envelopes or 50 000 pieces of Jiffy bags.

Offset - print

Offset-print is suitable for the most challanging prints and eventually for smaller amounts. Annually, we produce about 200 millions pieces of envelopes with offset print. Offset- print is provided in the Brezno plant and in the Bratislava plant.

aquaset - brilliant print

Aquaset is a price-suitable alternative to offset-print. Ecological water inks in connection with the challanging printing technology put an appearance to your advertisements that is very similar to the brilliancy of the offset print, however, at significantly more favourable price.

Our aquaset® print is the result of the technically challanging development of the standard flexo-print. It is possible to print in 4 colours, with window or without window.