The Harmanec – Kuvert, spol. s r. o. with the seat Padličkovo 3, 977 01 Brezno, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica, section Sro, file No. 8413/S.

The multinational companies ECO – INVEST, a. s. with the seat in Bratislava and Mayer – Kuvert – network GmbH with the seat in Heilbronn (Germany) are the majority shareholders of the Harmanec – Kuvert, spol. s r. o. Brezno company. Having established the joint-venture company in 2003 the Harmanec – Kuvert, spol. s r. o. company modernised all processed and increased their efficiencies. Nowadays, Harmanec – Kuvert, spol. s r. o. is a successful customer-oriented company.

About 1,5 milliards of envelopes and bags is produced annually in Har manec – Kuvert, spol. s r. o. Brezno.


  • we are the leader in the envelope production
  • with more than 6 millions envelopes produced daily
  • with 20 machines for envelope production and printing


  • having more than 10 000 palette store places in Brezno, Bratislava, Praha, Budapešť, Harmanec – Kuvert, spol. s r. o. offers a large assortment of products comprising more than 500 items to customers

Customer service

  • goods delivery within 24 hours, anywhere in Slovakia, with an amount from single box up to arbitrary number of pallets we provide for a matchless level of services
  • fast and superior work out of graphical proposals
  • a large range of technology equipment facilitates to print envelopes in a single colour scheme up to the full colour scheme within 36 hours
  • professional help free of charge, service guaranteed from Your order receiving till to handing in goods
  • our sales team provides professional help for You and service from the moment of Your order receiving till goods handing in.


  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate holder from 2006
  • FSC® certificate holder from 2009
  • PEFC certificate holder from 2013
  • an unified quality assurance system within the Mayer – Kuvert GmbH company built as a company’s know-how

Environmental management

  • ISO 14001 certificate holder from 2010